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Things Memorized: Monday Listicles

10 Useless Memorized Facts: Monday Listicles via Mini Van Dreams

I have tons of things memorized.  What do you have memorized?  Your old locker combination?  Your crush’s phone number from middle school?  Today’s Monday Listicle topic:  10 Things You Have Memorized was suggested by Robin.  My brain is full of useless information.  I always say if you are ever on Who Wants to Be a […]

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Are You Being a Good Friend… To Yourself – Guest Post

are you being a good friend to yourself? Guest Post by Christine Arylo via Mini Van Dreams

Today is Madly in Love with Me Day!  Last year, you might have participated in my Madly in Love with Me party!  If you didn’t, go check it out!  It’s not too late to learn how to love yourself again!  There’s all kinds of information available on the party page, including worksheets, videos, and activities! […]

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Wednesday Hodgepodge Vol. 162

wednesday hodgepodge vol. 162 via mini van dreams

I seriously cannot believe I have missed out on the last few Hodgepodges.  Who knows where my mind has been.  Today, we are talking Valentine’s Day, the Beatles, red meat and Abraham Lincoln.  I know, crazy topics, huh?  So read on to find out how to make love last, my favorite Beatles song (you’ll never […]

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