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Meeting David Hasselhoff

Meeting David Hasselhoff | Mini Van Dreams

Did I ever tell you about meeting David Hasselhoff?  Every year, when the Indianapolis 500 comes around, I always chuckle to myself.  That’s where I met David Hasselhoff.  A chance meeting.  I was one of many females clamoring for attention.  However, what happened caused him to single me out of the crowd, say hi and […]

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Thanks a Million Appreciation Gift

Thanks a Million Appreciation Gift | Mini Van Dreams

We all have someone in our lives we appreciate – whether they have done something special or are always there when we need them.  Think teachers, co-workers, clergy, nurses, doctors… the list is endless.  To show your appreciation, give them our Thanks a Million Appreciation Gift!  It is simple to make, works for men and […]

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Wednesday Hodgepodge Vol. 307-1/2?

Wednesday Hodgepodge Vol. 307-1/2? | Mini Van Dreams

Since it is time for Wednesday Hodgepodge, that means the week is half over again.  Thank goodness!  Its already been a crazy week and it is only half way over!  I think this week is actually supposed to be Volume 308, but Joyce had it listed as 307.  Who knows, I might be crazy.  Well, […]

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Twin’s 8th Birthday

The Twin's 8th Birthday | Mini Van Dreams

The twin’s 8th birthday will forever be known as the year we all became sick while staying in a hotel.  No, we didn’t get some horrible disease from a dirty room.  Instead, after a week of no kids puking – I was hit like a truck in the middle of Dave and Busters.  The flu […]

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