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Top 10 Recipes for 2013

My top 10 recipes for 2013.  This week’s Monday Listicles is an “anything goes” list.  So, I thought I’d share my top 10 recipes for 2013.  Next week’s list is 10 Things New.  So, read on to find some great-tasting (and easy!) recipes and then link up with us and have some fun!  

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Barriers {Repost} | Mini Van Dreams

Life gives you several barriers.  Some are difficulties or hurdles you must overcome.  Some are just minor speed bumps or detours to your goals and dreams.  However, some are white and orange with a flashing light that are just lying on the side of the road begging to be relocated to a good home.

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Joseph and the Curse

Now that Christmas is over, I can share the family curse.  The Curse of Joseph.  Coming from a Christian family, we have always celebrated Jesus’ birth with a nativity scene.  Before I left home, the last nativity my parents had was a huge ceramic set that someone painted.  That is when the Curse of Joseph […]

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