Did you all miss me yesterday when the blog was down for a few hours?  Did you even notice?  LOL.

I got a burr in my hair and decided I was going to move from Blogger to WordPress.  I purchased my host and installed the WordPress plugin.  Eventually, I figured out how to point my domain to something or other and the website was working.

Then it stopped.

I cussed.  I screamed.  I cried.

I emailed the host, took down my WordPress page and came crawling back to Blogger.

I am too busy to mess with a blog that doesn’t require coding… but, in actuality, does…

Change this file.  Change this folder to this root.

I couldn’t get my page set up the way I wanted.  I didn’t like my sidebar.  I didn’t like the plugins.

So, this busy momma is back to Blogger.

And, for now… I am here to stay.