What is #1 on my pet peeves list?  Mondays.  That means it’s Monday Listicles time!  As you can probably guess, this week’s topic is suggested by Phoebe and is 10 Pet Peeves.  Next week’s topic is Lisa’s and is for 10 Fave Words.  I am sure there will be some doozies on my list for that one… join in on the Monday Listicles fun… link up and have some fun!

My 10 Biggest Pet Peeves

  1. Mondays
  2. People who drive slower than speed limit
  3. People who do not read my blog yet make comments about it to me
  4. When the scuzzy salt leftovers gets on your window in the winter and you are out of washer fluid
  5. People who compare my twins to each other – they are two separate people
  6. When you pack your lunch and it is something delicious and you walk out the door and forget it
  7. Lettuce on my chili cheese burritos from Taco Bell
  8. People who ask stupid questions (especially in a classroom setting)
  9. People who can’t park correctly in a parking lot
  10. Fly Like an Eagle playing on the radio when I first turn it on.  I hate that song.


What are some of your pet peeves?


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