Okay, here it is!  The BFF card that I won first AND Best in Show on.  Like always, choose prints and colors to fit your style or recipient.  Enjoy!

Dark card stock- cut 5.75″ x 6.75″ and 3″ x 3″
Medium card stock- cut 10-7/8″ x 6.5″
Medium printed paper- cut 5.25″ x 7″ and 2.75″ x 2.75″
Dark printed paper- cut 2 pieces at 2.5″ x 6.25″
Light printed paper- cut 3″ x 5″ and 2″ x 2.75″
Gems or pearls
Ink pad
Sentiment stamp
2 wooden heart buttons
Pop dots
Paper cutter

  1. Place large piece of dark card stock down on table.
  2. Align and attach ribbon to front of dark card stock in center.  The bow will be to the right hand side of the card, so leave more ribbon on the left than the right, ensuring there is enough  to make a bow with.
  3. Take medium card stock and with the long edge horizontal, score and fold both the right and left side at 2.75″.
  4. Adhere the medium card stock to the center of the dark card, ensuring the ribbon is clear and able to be tired.  
  5. Layer medium printed paper inside, on top of medium card stock (see picture below)
  6. Layer 3″ x 5″ light printed paper in center of medium printed paper for a writing area
  7. Adhere the two pieces of dark printed paper on the “flaps” of the card
  8. Stamp sentiment on the small piece of light printed paper
  9. Layer the dark card stock and medium printed paper together
  10. Using pop dots, adhere printed image to center of medium printed paper
  11. Decorate with gems/pearls as desired
  12. Pull the ribbon over to the right side of the card, and with pop dots adhere sentiment layers to only the left flap (see picture below)
  13. Tie ribbon into a bow and trim as needed
  14. Using leftover ribbon, thread through button holes and tie in knot
  15. Adhere gems/pearls to buttons
  16. Adhere to front of card
Inside view

Half opened view