Today, I am sharing a behavior chart free printable!  We have used these in our home to help the twins remember to brush their teeth, wash their hands, not have night-time accidents, and to be nice to others.  I made this one blank, so you can add your own behaviors you want your child to work on!  

Behavior Chart Free Printable via Mini Van Dreams

You can use stickers, stars, small stamps, or even a pen to mark when the behavior is completed or achieved.  We’ve used both stickers and stars on ours – the kids love seeing how they are progressing through the week on their behaviors.  I also recommend creating a reward after so many days.  Depending on the behavior, we had things like M&M’s after a week’s worth of no accidents, or a small toy for brushing their teeth.  Wait… was that the other way around?  (I’ll never tell.)


Behavioral Chart Free Printable via Mini Van Dreams

Behavior Chart Free Printable


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