Advice for my teenage self? Oh jeez… where do I start?  It’s Monday and it’s Listicles time!  Listicles makes Mondays ALMOST worth getting up for.  This week’s topic is 10 Things You’d Tell your Teenage Self as suggested by Colletta.  Next week’s topic is 10 Traditions as suggested by my blog-buddy Christine.  (Make sure you go check out her new blog header that I made her!)  

10 Things I'd Tell My Teenage Self: Monday Listicles via Mini Van Dreams #mondaybloghops #mondaylisticles

10 Things You’d Tell Your Teenage Self

  1. Stay in marching band.  Don’t get mad and drop out before your senior year.
  2. When the students in history class gang up on you and buy you a toothbrush and sand paper as a “Christmas present”.  And when you complain to the teacher, he laughs and does nothing.  Don’t listen to your mom about the teacher being a “nice guy because he is a Mason.”  Turn him and the students in to the principal.  
  3. Don’t get a burr up your butt about being accepted to a prestigious college.  Go to Rio Grande like you planned and become a teacher like you wanted.
  4. Go bowling with your brother every time he asks.
  5. Hang out at Mrs. Grusenmeyer’s house more.
  6. Sneaking out of a hotel in Sandusky by belly crawling down a hallway, and then proceeding to walk down a busy highway to a gas station that is a mile away and no one knowing where you are… is probably not a good idea.
  7. Never date the cousin or any other relative of your so-called best friend.
  8. Don’t trust anyone 100%.  They are going to prove themselves as not worthy.
  9. Question authority.  Always.
  10. Be nice to the kids who don’t have friends or anyone to sit with at lunch.

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