I’m a tired mom of twins, busy accountant, messy crafter, snarky blogger, voracious reader, old recipe cooker, self-proclaimed nap sneaker, and dark chocolate lover.

I’m impetuous and snarky. I laugh loudly and sometimes snort. I sneak naps when I can. I hide from my kids in the bathroom. I have a hidden candy stash, and I am not sharing. My house is messy. There are weeds in my garden and dust on my shelves. We eat out way more than we should.

Mini Van Dreams has been around since 2013, though the name has changed a couple of times. But, the message has stayed the same – the blog is built on free printables, easy recipes, fun crafts, family stories, and more.

If I can make you laugh, and make you realize you are not the only one who burns spaghetti or forgets to take your kids to practice, then my blog is a success.

I will never have ads on my site – I am not using this platform to make money or try to sell you something. I do not use affiliate links. I get happiness from the process and seeing the comments and interacting with my readers – that is payment enough for me.

Several years ago, at a blog conference a speaker asked the audience, “if you were only making the difference in one person’s life with your blog, would you still do it?” My answer is a resounding yes.

I hope I am making a difference in your life.

So, go grab yourself a glass of wine cup of coffee and enjoy your visit here. I hope it brings some joy to your world. I hope it makes you laugh… but not too loud or the kids will find out your hiding spot!

I would love to hear from you… please feel free to use the contact form below, find me on social media, comment on a post, or send me an email.