The twins’ 4th birthday was Monday.  We had our family party on Saturday.  The kids and everyone that came had a fun time.  I think I am STILL winded from blowing up 24 balloons… and it was almost a week ago.  I can’t believe my itty bitty babies are 4… I JUST brought them home from the hospital.  Time flies.  Next thing I know, they will be 16 and asking for the car keys.  Here’s some pictures… enjoy.


Bo, always being a ham for the camera.


Mo tearing into her presents.  Uncle B bought her Pop the Pig… she was super-excited.


What a twin mom looks like after 4 years… exhausted.


The theme this year was Barbie and the Pink Shoes and Mario.  I made the cake and cake decorations…

Come back next Saturday to learn how to make the cake toppers… out of scrapbook paper!

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