Usually, I post my word of the year on the 2nd, but I was so swamped I didn’t get to it.  My 2015 Word of the Year is persevere.  Many of you know that I am one class away  from obtaining my Master of Science in Accounting.  Its been a long, long, difficult journey but I am almost there.  Yet, I am ready to give up.  I don’t want to take another class.  I don’t want to miss time with my children because my nose is buried in a book or computer screen.

You might not know, but each year the Merriam -Webster and Oxford dictionaries release words of the year.  Recently, bloggers around the world have released their own personal words of the year – or mantras – to help them focus and stay committed in the new year to a project, dream, or goal.

This year, I have chosen persevere.

I am so close to my degree, I can see the finish line but I struggle with the race.  Another 12 weeks of nose-to-the-grind, research paper writing… I want to be done.  So, I decided my 2015 Word of the Year should be persevere.  That’s what I need to do… persevere… and get it done.


2015 Word of the Year | Mini Van Dreams


What is YOUR 2015 Word of the Year?

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