For a week, I have been telling friends that it was Don and I’s 16th wedding anniversary.  But, then he told me it was our 15th.  I remembered the day, give me some credit!  We couldn’t have stayed together all these years without being able to laugh.  Then, I remembered I shared some posts about our first date, engagement and wedding a few years ago and thought I would do a repost of these for your entertainment.

And yes, this is all true… none of it is made up and names have not been changed to protect the innocent.

Don and I have been married 15 years.  We’ve had ups.  We’ve had downs.  And, hell, we’ve had twins.  But through it all, there is no one else I’d rather laugh with, cry with, and clean up puke with.  

Here’s to another 15 years!

Click the links below to read about our hilarious love story…


Our First Date

Our Engagement

Our Wedding


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