We had a crazy busy weekend, and Monday isn’t shaping up to be any better (hence the late post.)  But, I wanted to share 10 Things I Received for Mother’s Day.

10 Things I Received for Mother's Day | Mini Van Dreams

1.  A steak dinner

2.  Time to take a nap

3.  Two handmade flowers with the kids’ faces as the center.

4.  One cupcake with coupons for various things from Bo.

5.  A hanging basket of petunias

6.  A hanging basket of purple flowers – can’t remember the names.

7.  Two handmade card/books with the kids’ hand prints and the pictures they drew for me.

8.  Ice cream!

9.  Hugs and kisses.

10.  A sore shoulder from falling down the last few steps when Don and I were moving the mattress and bed frame upstairs.



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