It’s Monday again… and I am holding my breath that Spring might be here… the temperature this morning when I got up this morning was 52!  Yeah Spring!  Of course, this is Ohio… there will a foot of snow tomorrow.  Well, I guess its time for Monday Listicles… later today I will post the tutorial on how to make the paper cake toppers… bike shopping was a little crazy on Saturday, so I never finished the post.

Next week’s listicle is a draft of our memoir.  Inspired by Terri who is about to publish her second book, the topic is: 10 CHAPTERS IN A BOOK ABOUT ME.  You can stick to just titles or elaborate.  Whatever you do, enjoy writing it.

1.  I carried twins full term.

2.  I can give my kids baths and not get wet myself.  Most of the time.

3.  I juggle work, school, and home.  And, blog about it.

4.  I am certified in CPR and first aid.  (Sorry, stole this one from Stasha.)

5.  My kids tell me I am the best mommy ever.

6.  I make a killer pan of brownies.

7.  Being on the Global Team of 200 and helping spread the word about the issues affecting women and children around the world.

8.  Being able to roll with the punches life throws at me.

9.  Being able to work on cars.

10.  Being a MOM.


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