Monday Listicles turns 100 today!  Its the 100th week anniversary of the Monday Listicles and today’s topic is: 10 Reasons Why Listicles Rocks.  And, have a safe and happy Memorial Day!

  1. I am not a morning person and I also procrastinate.  Come Monday morning, it so easy just to make a list of 10 things for Listicles.
  2. Reading others’ lists crack me up and put me in a better mood.
  3. People I didn’t even know read my blog at work come up and ask me about something I put on Listicles that week.
  4. It’s a blog hop.  I love blog hops.
  5. The new bloggers I’ve “met”.
  6. Ever since someone said something about spell check changing “listicles” to “testicles”– I laugh every time I type Listicles.
  7. I’ve gotten my highest traffic and comments on Mondays for Listicles
  8. The topics really make me think sometimes.
  9. I am able to fill out all the Mondays on my blog calendar with “Monday Listicles” and not have to worry about having a post.
  10. It’s Monday Listicles… what more needs to be said?

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