Midnight’s Budding Morrow Book Review

Midnights Budding Morrow Book Review | Mini Van Dreams

I recently was given the opportunity to read Carolyn Miller’s new book, Midnight’s Budding Morrow. While this was a typical romance novel, I loved how Carolyn focuses on women who are slightly older and have fewer opportunities for marriage. In fact, she has an entire series dedicated to whisking readers away from the hustle and […]

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Shadows in the Mind’s Eye Book Review

I had the pleasure of reading Janyre Trump’s debut novel, Shadows in the Mind’s Eye. The book transports you to 1940’s Hot Springs, Arkansas where Charlotte’s husband Sam has returned from serving his country in the Pacific theater. He is not the same man who Charlotte fell in love with – he is broken and […]

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Counterfeit Love Book Review + Giveaway

Recently, I read Counterfeit Love by Crystal Caudill. The story is about Theresa Plane and the secrets her grandpa has been hiding. She teams up with Broderick Cosgrove, her former fiance, from the Secret Service to uncover the truth of what is going on. Being from Ohio, the story is captivating and interesting to read […]

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Cowboy Casserole

Cowboy Casserole | Mini Van Dreams

Several years ago, I went to a picnic and made a Cowboy Casserole recipe that I found from an old cooking magazine. As soon as a very special friend tasted it, she claimed it was my “go-to recipe” from now on. Since then, I have made this delicious casserole every time I needed to bring […]

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