Okay… So I had to post the ugly thing after yesterday’s post… one of these days, I will tell the whole hilarious wedding story.  We are talking hospital visits, drunk women cutting my cake, showing up 15 minutes before I go down the aisle… and cops stealing our food.

Its hard to tell, but the sleeves were all lace and there was this horrible sequin/beading thing all over the bodice.  Totally not me.

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3 Comments on The Wedding Dress

  1. Not just to agree with your Mom, but I totally liked your dress and thought you looked so nice in it. That is such a good picture of you and your Dad, ah the memories.

  2. Stopping in to return the favor :-)! Thanks for stopping by my blog and following.

    My wedding dress was so not me either– yet it was the one. I tried on a ton of dresses and ended up with one that was very frilly and fancy. I am usually a very simplistic girl but for some reason this dress looked the absolute best on me.

    Kerry from http://www.countrylivingonahill.com

  3. what a handsome man your father was…..you were a beautiful bride and the eyes on your future husband had tears in them as you came down in your beautiful dress !!!!!!!

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