When you live in a small town, one of the exciting things to do is hit the county fair each summer.  This year, I entered some scrapbook pages and cards that I had made, so it was even more exciting to go and see what I won!  This was the first year the kids could ride rides too…so, they were in heaven.

So, here is our day at the fair…

The BFF card that I won 1st place AND Best in Show on.

Daddy and the kids playing a game.

Morgan being cute at another game.

Troy looking at the powdered sugar from the funnel cake.

Riding the twisty strawberries.

Troy on the merry-go-round.

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2 Comments on The Fair

  1. Congratulations! Looks like everyone had a great time. We do love a good fair, ourselves. Although we’ve never entered anything, we like wandering around to see what everyone else did.

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