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Turkey Necks and Giblets, Oh My!

Turkey Necks and Giblets, Oh My! | Mini Van Dreams

Each year around Thanksgiving, I always get a chuckle about the first turkey I ever made on my own.  It was an eye-opening experience at the crack of dawn – one I have never lived it down.  Since then, I have made several turkeys and now it is old hat… sometimes, I even remember to take out the giblets.   (more…)

Jesus Don’t Make Junk

God Don't Make Junk | Mini Van Dreams

I cannot believe it has been five years since Brother Rick passed away.  Going to mom’s church is just not the same – he isn’t there.  This post popped up on my feed today and I wanted to re-share.  Every day, I still remind myself that Jesus “don’t” make junk.


Unofficial and Somewhat Snarky Guide to Amicable Divorce

Unofficial and Somewhat Snarky Guide to Divorce | Mini Van Dreams

Earlier this year, Don and I decided we would be better parents and happier people if we were no longer married.  Don’t get me wrong – I will always love him for the two beautiful children we have and the memories we share.  However, I was unhappy and I believe he was to.  Our unhappiness with each other and our situation was spilling over into our family and how we interacted with each other and the twins.  We decided to get an amicable divorce.  But, is there really such a thing?


Car Chases and Bread Sandwiches

Car Chases and Bread Sandwiches | Mini Van Dreams

Today, October 11, 2018, my daddy has been in heaven 14 years.  Fourteen years without his love and support when I needed it most.  Fourteen years without hearing, “Who loves ya baby cakes?” when he would see me.  Fourteen years without my daddy.  I was flipping through old posts trying to find a favorite about my dad.  I stumbled across this one and it is one of my favorite memories of my dad.  My dad loved and supported me through every decision I ever made.  I know he would be proud of what I have done and what I have become.  Right before I went to the starting line at bracket finals, he leaned into the car and yelled, “Kick some ass!”  Ever since then, I have tried to live my life that same way.  I try to kick ass every day.  I miss you more than anything, daddy!


Halloween versus Fall Festivals

Halloween versus Fall Festivals: My Take on the Debate | Mini Van Dreams

Halloween versus fall festivals – a hot topic this time of year.  Let me start this post by saying… I am a Christian and I believe in God.  I was brought up in a Baptist church and was raised “right” as my parents would say.  This post is about my opinion on the whole Halloween versus Fall Festival thing… and why it irks me to no end.  I don’t want anyone to take offense… and I am absolutely up for any civil and non-inflammatory debate concerning this…


My 40th Birthday

My 40th Birthday | Mini Van Dreams

Yesterday was my 40th birthday.  I have been dreading this day for about a month.  I was going to be 40.  What have I accomplished?  I have two amazing children, a Master’s degree, a great job, and a handful of great friends.  But, what about that bucket list I made when I turned 30?  I had several items left to do… ride in a hot air balloon, visit Las Vegas, get a tattoo…


Goodbye San Francisco

Goodbye San Francisco | Mini Van Dreams

This past week, I was at an ITFMA conference in San Francisco with my boss.  Which, may sound bad but it was actually pretty fun.  In the evening, my boss and I would go exploring Fisherman’s Wharf and eating at local places.  It was the first time in San Francisco for both of us.  We’ve had a blast and learned a lot, but I think both of us are glad to be headed home to our families.  Here is a few of our favorite things we did this week…


Tax Day and Night

Tax day is here.  You did file, right?  Post offices are open late for people to get their returns in by midnight.  Some business and restaurants are offering freebies or discounts to help alleviate the pain of tax day.  I thought I would share this tradition of my childhood…


C is for Colon Cancer

C is for Colon Cancer | Mini Can Dreams

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month – an important month in our family.  Colon cancer can strike anyone, at any age.  Just ask Don.  Don has been cancer free almost five years.  Many consider colon cancer an “older” person’s disease.  It is not.   (more…)

10 Signs of Colon Cancer

10 Signs of Colon Cancer | Mini Van Dreams

March is National Colon Cancer Awareness Month.  As many of you know, colon cancer has hit close to home with us.  Check out our post tomorrow to find out more about Don’s cancer diagnosis.  We will be celebrating 5 years cancer free in May!  For today’s list, I thought I’d share 10 Signs of Colon Cancer.  And, because this is me… I am just putting it out there in normal terms.