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Colon Cancer

What Happens During A Colonoscopy?

What happens during a colonoscopy? | Mini Van Dreams

Sometimes we put off medical tests because we are scared they will hurt or be uncomfortable.  (Yes, I am talking to you.)  You know you are due for your colonoscopy but just can’t make yourself pick up the phone.  The horror stories you have heard about the prep and the test are keeping you from making the appointment.  Why?  Fear.  The fear of the unknown.


Colorectal Cancer Testing Options

Colorectal Caner Testing Options | Mini Van Dreams

Do you know what colorectal cancer testing options are available?  Do you know there are other options than having a colonoscopy?  Colon cancer is the second leading cancer in men and women in the United States.  Do you know the best test to test for colon cancer?  The one you have done.


C is for Colon Cancer

C is for Colon Cancer | Mini Can Dreams

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month – an important month in our family.  Colon cancer can strike anyone, at any age.  Just ask Don.  Don has been cancer free almost five years.  Many consider colon cancer an “older” person’s disease.  It is not.   (more…)

10 Signs of Colon Cancer

10 Signs of Colon Cancer | Mini Van Dreams

March is National Colon Cancer Awareness Month.  As many of you know, colon cancer has hit close to home with us.  Check out our post tomorrow to find out more about Don’s cancer diagnosis.  We will be celebrating 5 years cancer free in May!  For today’s list, I thought I’d share 10 Signs of Colon Cancer.  And, because this is me… I am just putting it out there in normal terms.


Graeter’s Free Ice Cream Day!

Cones for the Cure = Free Ice Cream! | Mini Van Dreams

Psssst…. Head over to a participating Graeter’s in Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Lexington, Louisville, Pittsburgh, and Chicago for a free scoop of Elena’s Blueberry Pie ice cream Thursday, September 7th from 4 until 8 PM!  While you are there donate a $1 or $5 for a “cone for the cure” and help The Cure Starts Now fund research for pediatric brain cancer!  For more information about Cones for the Cure, visit my post!


Ohio is Not Measuring Up

Ohio is Not Measuring Up! | Mini Van Dreams #ACS #cancer #socialgood

The American Cancer Action Network has released its annual report discussing how each of the 50 states are measuring up with legislative activity to reduce cancer and deaths.  In the United States today, there are over 14 million cancer survivors and 400 more lives are being saved daily than a decade ago!  The cancer rate has dropped 20% in the last 20 years!  But, we are not done!