Summertime, Summertime and the living is easy.  This week’s Monday Listicles topic is all things summer.  I am not going to lie and tell you that summer is my favorite season, because everyone knows it isn’t.  I like autumn, when the leaves are changing and the weather is cool, the nights are crisp and the race car runs like it has wings.  But, alas, I digress… So, these are the things that make me think summertime.  Come link up and have some fun!

10 Things Summertime
  1. The first Reese Cup Blizzard of the season from the Dairy Queen.  There is nothing like the first one each summer– all the others pale in comparison.  Our DQ is so country, they literally use a mixer thingy on the end of a power drill (I don’t make this crap up) to make the Blizzards.  Yummy.

  3. The sounds of drums echoing in the morning.  I spent several hot, summer days standing on blacktop and dripping in sweat for band practice.

  5. The smell of fresh, clean, just-out-of-the-hose water in the kiddy pool.  I can’t even describe the smell… but it screams summertime.

  7. The way the world looks through the lens of my sunglasses while I am out and about.

  9. Sitting on a porch and watching the fireflies twinkle as a storm rolls in.

  11. The coolness of walking into the library after walking uptown in the blistering heat.

  13. The feel of the wind blowing through your hair and across your face as you cruise around getting the “stink blown off you” as my dad used to say.

  15. The feel of a cool shower after being at the race track all day and night… sweaty and smelly…

  17. The sound of the cicadas in August.

  19. Fireworks.  My favorite part of summer.

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