Tasty Tuesday: Poor Man Apple Dumplings

My kids love these little dumplings.  They are great warm or cold, for breakfast or just a snack on the run.  They can get rather sticky, so have plenty of napkins.

Poor Man Apple Turnovers

2 packages refrigerated crescent rolls
2 apples, peeled and diced into small pieces
4 Tbs brown sugar
2 tsp cinnamon

Combine the diced apples, sugar and cinnamon in a bowl.  Separate the crescent rolls into triangles.  Place a spoonful of the apple mixture in the center of the triangle and bring up the edges to form a packet.  Place on an aluminum foil lined cookie sheet and bake according to the crescent roll package directions.


Super Mom to the Rescue

My husband is probably going to shoot me for telling this story.  But, he doesn’t read my blog, so I think I am safe.

Friday, my hubby decided to head up North to the NHRA national event.  In 100 degree weather.  With a heat index of 109.  I told him he was crazy, but he packed his cooler full of water and Gatorade and headed to the races.

He kept checking in with me through the day, letting me know he was okay and telling me what was going on.  I kept reminding him to drink water and Gatorade and he said he was.

When I got home from work, mom and I decided to take the kids to dinner since daddy was at the races.  We were packing up when Don called. 

He didn’t sound good.  He wasn’t making sense.  He was confusing his sentences and stumbling over words.

I told him to sit still we were on our way.  (He continued to drive– MEN.)

We hopped in the car and headed North.  Unsure of where we were going, we were relying heavily on the map app on my iPhone and the confusing directions daddy gave us.  

So, here we were… knights (three maidens and a knight) in shining armor barreling down the road on our white horses.  Okay, so we were in an air-conditioned black Honda, listening to nursery rhymes, and breaking speed limits by about 10 mph, but that just doesn’t sound as cool.

We kept checking in with Don… he seemed to be getting worse, not better.  He finally suggested we get him something to eat because he hadn’t eaten much.  We pulled into a Wendy’s and got him some cheeseburgers and the kids chicken nuggets for dinner.  

Hopping on the county road he was on, we started driving east, staying in contact with him periodically.  We were almost to where he was and decided to stop at this country church and wait in the parking lot for him, since he was close.

So, no knight in shining armor story is complete without a dragon or two.  And this story is no exception.

Except, these were horse flies.

The size of dragons.

They were dive bombing the car windows, flying around the car.  I am almost convinced they were attempting to pick the car up.  

I was scared.

The kids were scared.

We had a quick discussion on how thankful we were we didn’t go to Church there.

Could you imagine?

We pulled out and headed east again to find a better location for a meet up.

They followed us.  I swear.

Eventually, we caught up with Don and followed him to the local Wal-mart and changed drivers.  He didn’t look good.  I was forcing him to drink Gatorade and trying to cool him off.

We managed to get home without horse flies attacking us, Don passing out, or getting car sick.  I tried to convince him to visit the hospital but he wouldn’t go.  As a thank you to mom, we bought her dinner… at 9:00 at night.  But, sometimes super heroines don’t live by the rules.

This super momma is more than happy to sit at home and watch this particular race in the air conditioning.  At least there aren’t any horseflies here.

Simple Sunday: List Making

I don’t think I ever really explained the Simple Sunday concept.  I thought I would use Sunday’s to work on my goal of organization and simplification in our life.  Here at home, we have alot of “noise”– unable to find things, bills scattered all over the house, etc.  My ultimate goal is to get to the point I have a home book or household book and have everything neat and organized. 

So, today I am going to tackle List Making.

A few years ago, a good friend of mine on a board I belonged to suggested to the group to make lists daily.  Just a mini to-do list… five or six things that are easily accomplished in the time you have set aside.  Nothing crazy.  She brought up the point that it will keep your on-task, focused, and you will easily feel like you have accomplished something in your crazy schedule.

I took her up on it and began making lists.  I had lists of my lists.  Literally.

Now, my mom who reads my blog faithfully is probably shaking her head and laughing.  Before I had the twins, I was organized to a fault.  My Christmas gift-giving list was even on an Excel spreadsheet.  And color coded.  And alphabetized.  And in order by store.  (Don’t even ask about my grocery lists– which were also on Excel, color-coded, and in order by aisle.)

After having kids, this all fell by the way-side.  I just didn’t have time to be that organized and put together.

This week, I began making a daily to-do list again.  What I don’t get done, goes on the next day’s list.  I usually only include five items– and just jot them down on a sticky note.  Its important to remember to not feel pressured to finish these before bed or to feel guilty if you don’t get to something.  There is always tomorrow.  

At work, on any given day, things can change in an instant.  Yesterday, for example, I had every intention of finishing a bank reconciliation.  There were some issues with our balance sheet and intercompany balances, and I had to refocus on that instead of what was on my list.  That’s okay.  I can hit that list on Monday.

You have roll with the punches life throws you.

So, this week– I challenge you to make a list each day.  Jot down five or six things– crossing them off as you go.  It might be something meaningful– researching schools for your MBA or maybe something small, like getting dressed before noon.   Whatever YOU want to accomplish that day.

Go forth and list.

Don’t Call Me Honey

The other day, the kids were playing in the living room. 
Troy was playing Mario and Morgan was begging me to paint her toe nails.
I was getting the stuff ready for the mini-pedicure (she is such a diva) and walked back into the living room to find Morgan had pulled their little fold out couch from the bedroom into the living room. 
I stood in the door way to watch.
She tugs and pulls and then finally asks Troy to help her.
Troy sighs heavily and pauses his game.
He goes over and between the two of them, they get the couch lined up—I’m assuming for optimum nail painting, but who knows.
She plops down on the couch and Troy picks up his controller again.
A few seconds go by and she says, “Thanks honey.”
Troy pauses the game and turns to look at her.
He says, “I’m not your honey.”
I had to walk away I was laughing so hard.  I think I even snorted.
So, fast forward a few days and we are eating dinner at McDonalds.  We were out picking up something and daddy surprised us—we all thought we were going home for spaghetti. 
We are sitting in a round booth and when daddy brought over our food.
I am passing out food and I said to Troy, “Here honey, here’s your nuggets.”
He looks at me and with all seriousness, says “Don’t call me honey, I’m Bo.” 
He proceeds to eat his chicken nuggets.
Alrighty then.
Too bad when I shot the pop out of my nose, it landed on my shirt.
I really need to stop laughing so hard.
But, they are so darn funny.