Tuesday in VBS, the bible story referred to “Jesus of Nazareth” and one of the kids asked why they just didn’t refer to him as Jesus.  I explained to the children that they didn’t have last names and that was a way to identify the person they were speaking of. 
The next day during lunch, I found a website that had a worksheet that listed various bible verses and you had to identify what “nickname” Jesus was referred to in that particular verse.  (i.e. Immanuel, Lamb of God, etc)
To reiterate the lesson, I asked them to name a couple of nicknames they went by.  They then asked me… and I started to laugh.  Various people have called me so many things through the years…
Peanut Woman
Jules Verne
Lady Racer
Julian (shout out to J-Lowe!)
I’ve been different nicknames at different times.  Some have stuck for years, like Jules and Sissy.
I was Peanut Woman in high school thanks to an errant airborne peanut shell landing in my ear.
I am Ju to my college roommate.
I was Freckles to my high school history teacher.
I was Babs and Babbette to my, who was affectionately referred to as Bubba.
My uncle calls me Ju-ju.  My husband calls me Jules. 
Who knows what I will be known as in the future…
Do you have any crazy nicknames?  Comment and share them!  

Simple Sunday: Manilla

Today, I am tackling bill organization.

I am ashamed to say, as an accountant, I used to pay my bills late all the time.  Seriously.  Credit cards, car payment, house payment…For the life of me, I could never keep it all straight– what was due when, etc.

Around Christmas, I found this Bill Organizer book at the dollar store.  It had pockets with a chart for each month that held the current bills.  So, we went to bills all over the house to bills in a book… but, I still would forget to pay them on time.

I happened to be reading a magazine one evening, and they mentioned getting paperwork organized and they suggested a website called Manilla.

It’s free!

Yeah, did you hear the angels singing too?

I went and checked it out and registered.

It is a really cool site– there is even an iPhone and Droid app.  You input your bill details and it will send you emails, text messages, and/or notifications telling you when your bills are due. The alerts can be customized for your own schedule– I have my credit cards set to alert me three days prior, so I have time to “schedule” them for payment.

The website also will “receive” your e-statements, and provides a link right on the page for you to go pay the bill.  It’s rather time-consuming to set up though, but totally worth it.  

The only downside is that not all bills are available.  But, they are always adding new ones and if you fill out their request, they will notify you when it is added.  Personally, the only bill I have that I wasn’t able to “link” was my house payment.  I was even able to link our small-town power company… so, I would guess they do have a vast selection.

So, there you have it for Sunday… I challenge you to take a little time today and check it out!

Tires and Friendship

I had another post topic for today, but decided to change it today during lunch.  I was touched by something that happened to me during lunch, and wanted to share it.
I have been having a weird, crazy week.  It seems everything I have touched at work has been a barrel of trouble; we’ve had VBS this week so I am exhausted because I’m not getting to bed until 11:30 or so, I blew out my knee… and so on.
My boss scheduled a one-on-one meeting this morning with me.  It was a very promising meeting, but when I got back to my desk, the receptionist had called and left me a message that I had a flat tire.
Can I handle anymore crazy this week?
I called her back and confirmed it was my vehicle, then called my husband and mom to make plans to fix my tire and to get me to VBS this afternoon.  My husband asked me to go check to see if anything was in the tire that I could see.
Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem, but after hurting my knee yesterday it is very hard for me to walk.
I sent a message to my friend’s husband (they both work with me) and asked if he could take a peek when he went to lunch.  He sent me a message back and asked me to bring my keys down to the lobby.
The next thing I know, him and his friend are changing my tire for me. 
In the heat.
On their lunch.
The one guy I have never met, and my friend’s husband I have only spent time with a handful of times. 
Yet, these two guys changed my tire out of the goodness of their hearts.
Most of you might not think this is a strange occurrence, but most people I am acquainted with wouldn’t help someone else out unless they were going to benefit.  It’s a sad, sad world sometimes.
But, these two guys must have been raised right.  These two guys didn’t except anything but a thank you.  They came to my rescue and installed my spare tire so I could get to VBS on time.
Guess I need to get my tire fixed.  And bake some brownies.
Thanks guys!

My Son, the Gamer

My son is a gamer.
At three.
Daddy and Bo play video games together.  Racing, Mario, Dora.
He even races online—and usually places in the top 5—on Mario Kart.
It amazes me how far video games have come since I was three.  We had an Atari.  Remember the big, chunky cassettes you had to use?  Then, we moved up to an actual- gasp- computer!  A Tandy.  Remember those?  You had to use Basic programming to even play a game… by the time you typed all the lines in, you were too tired to play.
Not now.  Troy knows how to put the game in, turn the Wii on, flip the TV over to the correct input… he even just recently accomplished using the “hand” on the Wii remote to select things. 
Now, before the comments start rolling in—we play these games WITH him.  We don’t use it as a baby sitter and he is not allowed to play anything violent or with guns.  His choices are severely limited to Dora and the Enchanted Castle, Mario Kart, Mario Party, and Super Mario Brothers.  He doesn’t even know other games exist.  His play time is limited.
I just find it hilarious that a three year old can operate a video game, let alone play and win races.
Guess I shouldn’t be surprised.  He is very technically-minded.
Troy taught me how to “pinch and pull” on my iPhone at two-and-a-half.
Go figure.