It’s Monday.  I swear, the weekend flew by.  Saturday, I took Mo and Bo to McDonalds for a mommy date while daddy and grandpa picked up the new swing set.  Then, I came home and finished up my research paper.  Sunday, we had my mother-in-law’s birthday party and then came home and I got it into my head to touch up the paint in the dining room… you know, 20 minutes before my online class started.

Anyways… its Monday and its Monday Listicles Time!  This week’s topic – 10 Ways Your Partner is Awesome –  is brought to you by The Bonny Bard.

Okay, lets see…. uhhhh…. ummmm… LOL.  Just kidding honey!

  1. He cowboy’d up right after I had the kids, I was in a lot of pain from my c-section– even the nurses were impressed in the hospital.

  2. He washes dishes.

  3. He does laundry.

  4. He pretty much lets me buy what scrapbooking and card making stuff I want without complaining.

  5. He lets me “run away” on scrapbooking days or card making classes.

  6. He kills spiders.

  7. He is a very involved dad– playing with the kids, taking them places.

  8. He cooks.

  9. He fixes my car.

  10. He reads my blog and tweets out messages about it.

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10 Comments on Monday Listicles: 10 Reasons The Hubs is Awesome

  1. He tweets? Awesome. I think my husband would like my blog to be a deep, dark secret. 🙂
    You don’t fix your own car? And does he cook well? I prefer my husband to stay away from the kitchen until I’m done and he can wash the dishes.

  2. Hehehe to number 6. And the last one? WOW. I’m so impressed that he reads your blog and tweets and stuff. My husband claims to read my blog…and he votes, but honestly? I know he doesn’t really read it. That’s awesome.

  3. Love that he tweets about your blog! Mine will “like” my posts on my facebook page, but that’s because he can do it in relative anonymity.

  4. LOL – he kills spiders!

    That’s so cool that he supports your creative endeavors and even participates in your blog – love that he Tweets out messages about it!

    Great list.

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