Ahhhh… a foggy and drizzly Monday.  See Stasha, even us folk in Ohio get the dreary weather!  It’s Monday, which means it’s Monday Listicles time… I know you are antsy all weekend for this.  Admit it!  This week’s topic is the 10 Celebrities We Would Want to Be Stranded With thanks to Ashlee.  Fun, right?  I asked the Hubs to pick five… so, this should be interesting.  I am sure Caroline Rhea will make the list.

Next week’s topic is 10 Songs from your Senior Year of High School as thought up by Kathy!  Sounds interesting!  I think I can remember back that far!

The Hubs’ Five People He Wants to Be Stranded With

  1. John Force – endless stories about racing and life experiences
  2. George Carlin – my (the Hub’s) all-time favorite comedian.
  3. Rachel Ray – gonna need a good cook on the island
  4. Jerome Bettis – favorite football player
  5. Nicholas Cage – to watch Gone in 60 Seconds over and over, plus he seems like he could be a little crazy – need a little of that on the island.


The Five People I Want to Be Stranded With

  1. Vin Diesel – just for entertainment purposes
  2. Guy Fieri – his style of cooking is more my speed
  3. Russell Johnson – Duh!  The professor on Gilligan’s Island.  He could rig up anything.  Well, except getting us off the island.
  4. Jeff Dunham – for the laughs
  5. Gene Simmons – for the stories


Well, there you have it… the Hubs and I’s list of who we wanted to be stranded with.  I am kinda shocked that Caroline Rhea wasn’t on his list…


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