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The Real Awards 2013

the real awards 2013

Every year, we make plans to watch the award shows on television – honoring actors, actresses, television shows, and singers – who might or might not be doing something good for the world.  However, again this year, YOU can nominate and vote for people who are actually making a difference in the world!  Individuals who are saving lives and making the world a better place for all… not just in show business.


Pink Ribbon Ideas

Many of you know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  In 2014, breast cancer awareness is going to become one of my missions on my blog, because of the devastating affects it has on women and families, and because it has hit a little too close to home for the Hubs and I.

Oriental Trading put together an infographic on some really cool pink ribbon ideas  to raise money for breast cancer research!  They have included some really cool ideas for fundraising at work, as well as some awesome craft projects and fundraising products.  Check it out!


Don’t Be Left Breathless

asthma inhaler

Don’t be left breathless over asthma!  The Will Rogers Institute has teamed up with Emmy® Award winning actor Bryan Cranston to bring public awareness to asthma!  Bryan is best known for his role in the AMC drama series Breaking Bad as Walter White.  Together, with the Will Rogers Institute, Bryan has released a new public service announcement to let the public know about this serious illness.  What you might not know, is this hits really close to home with me.  The hubs has severe asthma and we have to deal with the disease every day of our lives.


Get a Shot. Give a Shot.

get a shot give a shot

Get a shot.  Give a shot.

For today’s Wordless Wednesday, I am sharing a picture of my band-aid.  Why?  Because I went and had a flu shot at Walgreens.  So?  From now until October 14th, if you get a flu shot or another vaccine at Walgreens they will donate one life-saving vaccine to a child in need.  The goal is to provide 3 million polio and measles vaccines to the children who need them most.


Child Survival is Your Responsibility Too

A promise made.  A promise renewed.  A global movement to end preventable child deaths.  In collaboration with the UNICEF, A Promise Renewed was the outcome of the Child Survival Call to Action in June 2012 between the governments of Ethiopia, India, and the United States.  Since then, over 700 governments, civil societies, and private-sector participants have committed their desire to work on child survival in conjunction with the United Nation’s Secretary-General’s Every Woman Every Child initiative.


Get Ready Get Safe

Of all the important issues I have shared through Global Team of 200, this one is the scariest.  I have been putting off this post because I wanted to make sure I approached it the best way to make the most impact.  So, here it goes…


Better to Give with Uncommon Goods

Did you know Christmas is 103 days away?  Have you started your shopping yet?  These days, most people do their shopping online and never step foot in an actual store.  You probably even already have an idea of what you will be buying for certain people, but what about that person who has everything or is hard to buy for?  Check out Uncommon Goods.  Not only can you buy a really cool and unique present for someone special on your list, your purchase also goes to help one of four charities of your choice!


Cones for the Cure and FREE Ice Cream

A little girl named Elena was a victim of brainstem glioma when she was five years old.  During her fight, she created art that has become famous – it is now the logo for The Cure Starts Now Foundation.  Nine months later, her fight ended.  There are many other children with the same stories.  The Cure Starts Now is dedicated to curing cancer.  One child’s fight for her life has become the cry of children with brainstem glioma everywhere.  But what does this have to do with you and this blog post?  Read on.


Invest in One Child – Opportunity International

invest in one child

It is time for back to school for children, a time when they crack open the books for another school year learning and socializing with their peers.  But, did you know that 130 million children worldwide are not in school?  Did you know that 70% of these are girls?  Consider this, a girl with an extra year of education can earn 20% more as an adult according to the World Bank.  UNICEF has discovered that educated mothers are more than twice as likely to send their children to school.  Opportunity International is working to change these statistics.


Talking About [email protected]

I was recently chosen to be a [email protected] champion with the UN Foundation.  This is the first of several posts about [email protected] and why it is so important to children worldwide.

I can barely remember when I received my childhood vaccines.  I am sure I cried.  (Heck, I tear up at 34 when I get shots!)  The memories I do have are sheet forts, camp outs, playing outside, riding my bike and many others.  However, for many children around the world, they do not get the chance to experience these childhood moments.  They do not get their vaccines and never experience childhood firsts.  Why?  This year, over 1.5 million children around the world will die from a disease that could have been prevented by a vaccine.