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Call to Action: Preventing Skin Cancer

Today’s post is a little bittersweet for me.  About a week ago, I was contacted to do this post and I agreed.  Since then, a friend of our’s mom died from melanoma.  So, this cause hit a little closer to home.  Did you know there are more than 63,000 new cases of melanoma diagnosed each year?  Did you know that melanoma is the deadliest form of preventable skin cancer?


August is Blogust!

August is Blogust! via Mini Van Dreams #shotatlife #blogust #socialgood

Not only is today August 1st, its the first day of Blogust ’14!  What is Blogust, you ask?  Blogust is a month-long blogging bonanza of bloggers that are helping to change the world through their words, photos and videos.  Each day of August, one blogger will post to their blog about happy and healthy firsts!


Get A Shot. Give A Shot.

Get A Shot. Give A Shot. | Mini Van Dreams #ShotAtLife #SocialGood

It’s back to school season and [email protected] has partner with Walgreens for their “Get A Shot.  Give A Shot®” campaign.  From July 12th through August 31st, when your child receives a back-to-school immunization, Walgreens will provide a life-saving vaccine to a child that needs it most!  But wait, you can get in on the action too!  If you receive your flu shot from September 1st through October 13th, they will also provide a vaccine as well!


A Moment for Mesothelioma

A Moment for Mesothelioma | Mini Van Dreams #socialgood #cancer #mesothelioma

The other day on Facebook, one of my friends posted a question:  What is one thing you would get rid of in the world?  My answer?  Cancer.  Don and I were lucky.  He has been cancer-free for 1 year.  If cancer has never affected you, a family member or a friend, you don’t understand how devastating it can be.  About a week ago, Cameron Von St. James contacted me about spreading the word about Mesothelioma.  Without hesitation, I agreed.  I pray that in my lifetime we find a cure for all cancer.


Take the Challenge!

Take the Challenge | Mini Van Dreams #weightloss #gettinghealthy #yourweightmatters

It’s summer!  If you are like most moms, you look in the mirror and aren’t happy with what you see.  Maybe you are a few pounds overweight or hundreds of pounds overweight.  You don’t know what to do to lose it.  It’s not like you have time, right?  I was there recently.  I looked in the mirror and was irked I let myself go.  I kept making excuses for what I was eating and not doing – I kept blaming it on having PCOS.


Interview with Zookeeper Rick

Interview with Zookeeper Rick | Mini Van Dreams #interview #prfriendly #zoo #conservation

Being a blogger, I have had the chance to do some awesome things, but probably my favorite is getting to interview various individuals to help get their messages out to my readers.  I think this interview with Zookeeper Rick has probably been my favorite!  Zookeeper Rick is an Ambassador at the San Diego Zoo and helps teach children and adults about animal conservation.


National Tire Safety Week

National Tire Safety Week via Mini Van Dreams #tiresafety #summer #socialgood

Happy National Tire Safety Week!  Now that the kids are out of school, most families are planning vacations and road trips for the summer.  You’ve made your reservations, found the perfect swimming suit, packed the sunscreen… but, wait!  Are you forgetting something?  Have you checked your vehicle for safety?  Your family’s lives could be on the line!


Dining Out with Food Allergies

Dining Out with Food Allergies | Mini Van Dreams

Dining out with food allergies can be a risky business.  You don’t know for sure what comes in contact with your food or if the chef or servers know what they are doing to mitigate allergens being in contact with other foods.  We have been lucky, and our kids don’t have any food allergies, but several of my friends’ kids do.  I have seen first hand how hard it is for them to go on vacation or go out to dinner without knowing if the food being served is safe and allergen free.


Keeping Kids’ Feet Healthy and Happy

Keeping Kids' Feet Healthy and Happy via Mini Van Dreams #socialgood #children #prfriendly #firststep#socialgood #children #prfriendly #firststeps

Did you know kids can have foot problems similar to what adults have?  From the birth, you need to pay special attention to your child’s feet to ensure they have healthy feet that will last a lifetime.  At the first sign of any concerns, visit a podiatrist.  A podiatrist can provide information and guidance on keeping your child’s feet healthy, as well as treating any injuries or abnormalities.


Back Yard Birding

Back Yard Birding with the Audubon Society via Mini Van Dreams #birding #gardening #audubonsociety

The Audubon Society is working to make back yards (and front yards!) more bird-friendly by promoting their bird friendly community programs.  This initiative gives families the tools and information they need to create bird-friendly habitats in their own yards!  Simple choices and actions make a big difference – from installing a nuthatch box to choosing native plants.  There are several ways you can make your own yard bird friendly! (more…)