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10 Best Cancer Websites

10 Best Cancer Websites | Mini Van Dreams

Continuing with the theme of cancer, since March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month, I am sharing 10 Best Cancer Websites for today’s list.  There is a lot of crazy information on the Internet these days, and when it seems you have lost your hope after a cancer diagnosis, it can be overwhelming and sometimes hard to tell the real from the bogus.  So, check the sources, and make sure what you are reading isn’t too good to be true.  These websites are great places to start for reliable and trustworthy information!


Betting on the Gates – 2015 Annual Letter

Betting on the Gates - 2015 Gates Letter | Mini Van Dreams

Bill and Melinda Gates have thrown down the gauntlet and have placed a bet.  A bet that will change the world as we know it.  The lives of people in poor countries will improve faster in the next 15 years than at any other time in history.  And, that their lives will improve more than anyone else’s1.  In 2000, Bill and Melinda started The Gates Foundation as a way to use innovation, health and education to reduce inequality around the world.  With a four-prong approach, the Gates have identified breakthroughs that will change the world – for the better.


The Long Night Movie

The Long Night Movie | Mini Van Dreams

It is 10 minutes until 1 AM on Sunday morning.  I just finished watching The Long Night by Tim Matsui.  I literally sat here for an hour without moving – occasionally pausing the movie to take breaths to be able to continue watching.  I am numb.  I was unaware that child sex trafficking was occurring in the United States.  I was unaware that most minors who live the life of prostitution are not there of their own accord.  This isn’t Pretty Woman.  No rich businessman is going to come rescue them.


Holidays4Hunger and #GivingTuesday

There are 25 days left until Christmas.  If you are like most families, your children are looking forward to Santa’s visit and are writing their letters to Santa to be sent to the North Pole.  Normally, these lists include Hot Wheels and Barbies and fun toys.  But, some children in the United States want food for Christmas.


Your Prostate Your Decision

Your Prostate Your Decision | Mini Van Dreams #socialgood #prfriendly #prostatedecision

As a mom, your job is never done.  Not only do you have to keep track of your kids, but you always have to keep after your husband or other men in your life.  Why?  Because notoriously men like to put things off until it is too late or they have no other choice – especially when it comes to visiting the doctor.  Do you know that Joe Torre four-time world champion baseball hall of famer is a prostate cancer survivor?  Torre has teamed up to create a public service announcement to bring awareness about prostate cancer and the choices that are available for treatment.


Get Your Kids Involved!

Get Your Children Involved! | Mini Van Dreams

Meet Annika Cushnyr, a 17 year old at Bosque School in New Mexico.  She has collected 4,000 new and used books to start a “giving library” so the children and families visiting a local medical center can get free books to take home and keep.  She began this mission after finding out New Mexico has a very high rate of illiteracy and that over 50% of the population is considered functionally illiterate.  Annika soon discovered that buying books are not affordable for some families and visiting the library is virtually impossible.  Annika began “Start My Library” as a way to help children and families develop a lifetime love of reading.


Cones for the Cure = Free Ice Cream!

Cones for the Cure = Free Ice Cream! | Mini Van Dreams #socialgood #prfriendly

Today is the start of a two-week campaign between The Cure Starts Now and Graters!  At participating Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Lexington, Louisville, and Indianapolis Grater’s locations you can donate a $1 or $5 “Cone for the Cure”.  For every $5 donation, Graters will give you a $15 savings booklet!  But, wait… keep reading… it gets better!


Ohio is Not Measuring Up

Ohio is Not Measuring Up! | Mini Van Dreams #ACS #cancer #socialgood

The American Cancer Action Network has released its annual report discussing how each of the 50 states are measuring up with legislative activity to reduce cancer and deaths.  In the United States today, there are over 14 million cancer survivors and 400 more lives are being saved daily than a decade ago!  The cancer rate has dropped 20% in the last 20 years!  But, we are not done!


Being A Hungry Kid

Monkey Do Project | Mini Van Dreams

Schools are back in session in most parts of the United States this week.  Today is Friday, and is the last day until Monday.  Some children in schools across the United States will eat lunch today and not eat again until Monday when they return to school.  Their growing bodies will have empty bellies for two whole days until they get breakfast or lunch at school on Monday.  Two whole days.


Go the Movies and Help Save Babies!

Go to the Movies and Help Save Babies! | Mini Van Dreams #socialgood #prfriendly

It’s the dog days of summer and when it is hot out, there is nothing like heading to the local movie theater to soak in the air conditioning, eat junk food, and watch a great movie.  In 1936, James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart, and Bette Davis starred in the first Public Service Announcement for the Will Rogers Institute; seventy-eight years later, Jeff Bridges has joined the ranks in this time-honored tradition.