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Kick Your Man in the Pants About Testicular Cancer

Help Fight Testicular Cancer! | Mini Van Dreams

Kick your man in the pants about testicular cancer!  Okay, stop… not really!  I don’t want men sending me hate mail.  So, what’s up with the post title?  Women sometimes need to kick men in the butt to get them motivated about their health – they always tend to put things off until it is too late.  Today, I am joining forces with the Testicular Cancer Foundation + Tommy John to encourage men to take care of their health and become more proactive about their health.


Are you at risk for a blood clot?

Are you at risk for a blood clot? | Mini Van Dreams

Are you at risk for a blood clot?  Women face an increased risk of blood clots throughout crucial times in their life.  Women are at risk when they take birth control containing estrogen, when they are pregnant, in the weeks after delivery, and when using hormone therapy during menopause.  Annually, blood clots affect more people than AIDS, breast cancer, and automobile accidents combined.  Blood clots can be prevented and can be treated.


Tackle Breast Cancer at the Cure Bowl

AutoNation Cure Bowl: Help Tackle Breast Cancer | Mini Van Dreams

We all know someone who has been affected by breast cancer – whether a loved one or yourself has been diagnosed, a loved one or friend has died from breast cancer, or perhaps you have had a breast cancer “scare.”  One out of eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime.  This means either we have already been touched by breast cancer or will be touched in the future.


Helping Premature Babies

Helping Premature Babies Survive | Mini Van Dreams

As a twin mom, it was vital that I kept the babies “cooking” in my belly as long as possible.  Being high risk – just because I was a twin pregnancy – could have resulted in my babies being born too early.  If they were too early, or preemies, they would have had to stay in the NICU for an indeterminate amount of time.  Our doctors and specialists prepared us for this outcome by explaining what the NICU is like and by having us deliver at a “Level 3 NICU” hospital.


Prescription Drug Safety

Prescription Drug Safety | Mini Van Dreams

Did you know that using prescription drugs that are not prescribed for you is considered drug abuse?  Do you know what medications are in your medicine cabinet right now?  Do you know if your children or their friends have been in these prescription drugs?  Do you know how to dispose of prescription drugs that you no longer need or want?


Free Ice Cream Today!

Second Free Ice Cream Day | Mini Van Dreams

Psssst…. Head over to a participating Graeter’s in Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus and Chicago for a free scoop of Elena’s Blueberry Pie ice cream from 3 until 8 PM today!  While you are there donate a $1 or $5 for a “cone for the cure” and help The Cure Starts Now fund research for pediatric brain cancer!

Hurricane Katrina: 10 Years Later

Hurricane Katrina: 10 Years Later | Mini Van Dreams

This Saturday is the 10 year anniversary of the most deadly natural disaster in the United States.  Save the Children has been working with the children affected by Hurricane Katrina for the last decade.  After Hurricane Katrina, 5000 children were reported missing.  It took weeks, and even months, to reunited these children with their parents.  After Katrina, The National Commission on Children and Disasters made recommendations on keeping America’s children safe during a disaster.  Ten years later, 79% of these recommendations have yet to be addressed.


A Mother’s Extraordinary Donation

A Mother's Extraordinary Donation | Mini Van Dreams

Cystinosis is a disease that affects approximately 500 people, most children, in the United States.  Approximately, 2000 people worldwide are suffering from cystinosis.  Cystinosis is a metabolic disease that occurs when cystine, an amino acid, enters cells but has no way in getting out.  Because of this, the cell will crystalize and cause cell death.  The diseases slowly destroys key organs in the body, like kidneys, liver, eyes, muscles, and the brain.  Cystinosis is an autosomal recessive genetic disease – this means that both parents must have the abnormal gene 17P13, and may not exhibit any symptoms – yet they have a 1 in 4 chance their child will have Cystinosis. But, because of the rarity of this disease, most people are unaware of it and it is very hard to find research money to find a cure.


Taking a Moment for Mesothelioma

A Moment for Mesothelioma | Mini Van Dreams #socialgood #cancer #mesothelioma

I saw a story the other day about yet another death involving mesothelioma and thought I would reshare this post from last year on this very rare cancer.  Please, share with your friends and loved ones.  We tend to not think about cancer unless it happens to a loved one or a close friend.  It’s just the “C” word that shouldn’t be uttered… but it is prevalent and in some cases can be prevented.  About a year ago Cameron Von St. James asked me to spread the word about mesothelioma and the struggle his wife has with her own cancer.  Read on to find out about mesothelioma and Heather Von St. James.  In May, she reached a miraculous milestone: She is a 10 year survivor of mesothelioma… after only being given 15 months to live at diagnosis.


Could you be at risk for a blood clot?

Could you be at risk for a blood clot? | Mini Van Dreams

Did you know that each year blood clots affect more people than AIDS, breast cancer, and car accidents combined?  Blood clots can affect anyone – infants, children, teens, young adults, middle-aged and seniors!  Even the healthiest, elite athletes can be victims.  In the United States, 900,000 people annually develop blood clots in their legs (deep vein thrombosis) or blood clots in their lungs (pulmonary emobolism).  However, blood clots CAN BE PREVENTED and BE SAFELY TREATED!