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Jesus Don’t Make Junk

God Don't Make Junk | Mini Van Dreams

I cannot believe it has been five years since Brother Rick passed away.  Going to mom’s church is just not the same – he isn’t there.  This post popped up on my feed today and I wanted to re-share.  Every day, I still remind myself that Jesus “don’t” make junk. Read more…

Car Chases and Bread Sandwiches

Car Chases and Bread Sandwiches | Mini Van Dreams

Today, October 11, 2018, my daddy has been in heaven 14 years.  Fourteen years without his love and support when I needed it most.  Fourteen years without hearing, “Who loves ya baby cakes?” when he would see me.  Fourteen years without my daddy.  I was flipping through old posts trying to find a favorite about […] Read more…