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Easy Birthday Gift Tag

Easy Birthday Gift Tag | Mini Van Dreams

Have you ever gotten one of those gifts that someone wrapped beautifully – almost too pretty to open?  They always have an amazing gift tag attached, right?  Well, you can make your own easy birthday gift tag with some scraps and birthday candles – in less than 15 minutes!  Jazz up the next birthday gift you give with this easy birthday gift tag and make a statement of your own!   (more…)

You’re a Lifesaver Thank You Card

You're a Lifesaver Thank You Card | Mini Van Dreams

My You’re a Lifesaver Thank You card was an idea born out of a VBS decoration that I had made.  The theme last year was “Under the Sea” and our classroom was the inside of the submarine.  I made life rings out of paper plates, red construction paper, and twine.  I thought it would make a great Thank You card, so I set about creating one to enter into the fair.  Here is what I came up with – a simple to make, nautical themed thank you card that is perfect for everyone!        (more…)

Retro Camper Birthday Card

Retro Camper Birthday Card | Mini Van Dreams

Check out this super cute retro camper birthday card!  A friend of mine at work camps and when I was in search of a birthday card to enter in the fair, I stumbled across a camper card and decided to create something similar.  I have always loved those retro, teal campers so I knew the color scheme would be perfect on the card.  However, choose colors that your recipient loves to make it even more special!   (more…)

What are ATCs?

What are ATCs? | Mini Van Dreams

What are ATCs?  Have you ever wondered?  ATCs are also referred to as Artist Trading Cards.  I have seen mention of these before and have found “ATC cards” at the scrapbook store but had no idea what they were.  Recently, I joined a website dedicated to snail mail – from postcards to letters to small crafts.  I came across a beginner’s ATC swap and thought I’d try my hand at them.  For all you scrapbookers and cardmakers… they are literally just miniature scrapbook pages!  I am addicted to them!  The best part is, you can easily make them with your “scraps” from scrapbooking and other crafts!  Keep reading to learn more and see some examples I have made!


Scrapbooking Monthly To Do List

Free Scrapbook Planner Series | Mini Van Dreams

Welcome back to our Scrapbook Planner Series!  Today’s free printable is a Monthly To Do List that can be used by itself or in conjunction with our other planner printables!  Make sure you also check out our Scrapbook Page Planner, Scrapbook Shopping List, and Scrapbook To Do List!  Just like our other printables in our Scrapbook Planner Series, these sheets are available in color and black and white!  Plus, I even have directions on how to print these to fit in your planner!  Get to scrappin’!


Scrapbook Layout To Do List

Free Scrapbook Planner Series | Mini Van Dreams

Now that the holidays are over and you have all those pictures that need scrapped, let’s get back into our Scrapbook Planner Series!  Today’s free printable is a Scrapbook Layout To Do List.  This printable is perfect to jot down ideas and notes on your layouts prior to planning them on your Scrapbook Page Planner we shared prior to the holidays!  And, make sure you check out our Scrapbook Shopping List so you never forget adhesive again!


Scrapbooking Shopping List

Free Scrapbook Planner Series | Mini Van Dreams

Last week, we started our Scrapbook Planner Series with a scrapbook page planner.  Today, we continue our scrapbook planning with a shopping list.  If you are like me, a trip to the scrapbook store or craft store is like Christmas.  I get easily distracted by the multitude of scrapbooking supplies and usually buy things I don’t need or have plans to use later… and forget why I came shopping in the first place.  And, chances are… it is adhesive I needed.


Scrapbook Page Planner

Free Scrapbook Planner Series | Mini Van Dreams

Everyone who knows me well, knows I am a nut when it comes to organization.  My Christmas shopping list is alphabetized by person on an Excel spreadsheet.  My grocery list is in order of the aisle at the store… adjusted for whichever store I am going to that visit.  I know… I am weird.  Awhile back, I thought it would be awesome to have a scrapbook planner page… which has morphed into today’s free printable, and two other printables (and possibly more!) that will be shared in a Scrapbook Planner Series on our blog.


Easy Scrapbooking for Beginners

Easy Scrapbooking for Beginners via Mini Van Dreams

Today’s tutorial is Easy Scrapbooking for Beginners.  That’s right… YOU can scrapbook, even if you never have before!  Do you have a bunch of pictures sitting in a box at home?  Every time you come across it, do you think to yourself “If only I knew how to scrapbook!”  I know what you are thinking though, “it looks so hard and I am not creative.”  But, I am here to show you how to scrapbook!  If you can use adhesive and a paper cutter, you can scrapbook.  Trust me.


Easy Christmas Gift Tags

Easy Christmas gift tags so easy a child can make them?  Absolutely.  Whenever I post a card or scrapbook page, I inevitably get the comment “I’m not that talented” or “I’m not a scrapbooker.”  Well, today I am going to show you some easy Christmas gift tags that Mo helped me make – with only leftover paper, tape, ribbon and scissors.  Yep.  That’s it.  No crazy, fancy tools… nothing you don’t already have.