$25 Gift Card to Joann’s OR Hobby Lobby #Giveaway

Baby, it’s cold outside.  You need to find something to do indoors!  Come enter my $25 gift card giveaway to your choice of Joann’s or Hobby Lobby!  Ends 2/7/2013 at midnight.

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166 thoughts on “$25 Gift Card to Joann’s OR Hobby Lobby #Giveaway

  1. Ashley C

    I’d love to get some things from Hobby Lobby for my daughter’s 1st birthday, like paper for her invites :)


    • DeeAnn

      I bet she is a princess alright

  2. mara zamora

    I would make a purse or party decor for my daughter’s 3rd birthday

  3. Rena

    I would get something for my sister! She loves crafts. =)

  4. Terri Herman

    I would buy yarn. I am a new crocheter and I am hooked!

  5. Wendy H

    I would love to get some fabric for some crafts around the house!

  6. DeeAnn

    oh I would love to win this so I can get some things for my grandkids for crafts when they come to visit me

  7. Krystal M

    I will get some drawing paper and colored pencils! Or one of those cool little kits they have for growing unique plants or whatever… I always get those as Christmas Presents for other people. haha

  8. I would buy some fabric for some wall art or some paint! I go crazy in craft stores and want to buy almost everything!

  9. Wendy Pogrant

    I would love to get some fabric to make some curtains.

  10. I’d buy supplies for baking

  11. saki

    i would make some handmade jewelry!


    I love everything at Joann’s, yarn, fabric’s, any kind of seasonnal idea’s… I just love this store

  13. Leslie S.

    I would spend it on beading supplies. I do love to make earrings. :D

  14. Andrea H

    I love Joann’s! I could buy a ton of craft supplies with $25! :)

  15. Christine Waddell

    I would get a new cartridge for my Cricut machine.

  16. Terri

    I would get fabric to use in a quilt

  17. jodi frasier

    I would give this gift card to my 17yr old daughter for her scrapbooking materials. Thanks

  18. nichol tone

    I would buy a beautiful picture

  19. Candice

    I would buy some candles.

  20. Amanda Emily

    I would buy scrapbook paper.

  21. Taryn Pasco

    I would buy ribbon and other pretty things to make my daughter some hair bows!

  22. Jennifer Eiford

    I would buy yarn, so I can crochet some itty bitty hats!

  23. shop here lov to win

  24. Colleen Boudreau

    I’d buy fabric to reupholster chairs.

  25. What I would buy? Everything, ha-ha! Let’s see now- if I won, I would definitely pick the Hobby Lobby gift card (Hobby Lobby is my favorite store) and use that gift card towards crafty supplies (stampers, scrapbook paper, etc). I love to be crafty and since I do snail mail, I tend to express my craftiness and creativity through there!

  26. Melissa Hartley

    I would give this GC to my mom & she would spend it on some kind of sewing items .. thanks!

  27. Kyona

    I would buy fabric to make curtains

  28. Cindi D

    I’d buy yarn because I love to knit.

  29. I’ve been on a sewing kick lately, so probably fabric!

  30. I’d get some great picture frames to hand my kids’ art. :O)

  31. I would buy some crafty things to make as gifts!

  32. lisa lo

    Painting supplies :o)

  33. I’d get some baking goodies, maybe a cake pop tin!

  34. Megan Parsons

    I’d buy supplies for my scrapbook!

  35. karen

    paper and punches to make my valentine cards

  36. Alissa A

    I would make my own jewelry!

  37. I would probably spend it on wedding craft supplies. :)

  38. Katie B



    I would buy some paint!

  40. Stephanie O

    Fabric to make pillow covers for living room. it needs color

  41. Lauren

    I would love to do some scrapbooking…and make more of the crafts I have pinned!

  42. Jenny

    I would buy craft items for the kids

  43. I would buy paints for the kids

  44. Charlotte Raynor

    I would probably buy some candles and other decorative items at Hobby Lobby. Thanks for the giveaway! :-)

  45. Francisca S

    more cardmaking supplies!

  46. Wilma P

    I would get some craft supplies for my sister.

  47. Jonnique

    I would use this to buy a whole lot of canvases. Following you back! Thanks for the follow!

  48. Holly S.

    I love Hobby Lobby and would probably use the GC to buy some fabric and sewing tools I’ve been needing (or wanting) to get. Thanks! hstorm799{at}gmail{dot}com

  49. Patti

    Don’t know yet. Something with glitter! lebl9077@bellsouth.net

  50. monica meza


  51. Sharon

    i love their after holiday clearance, so i’d use it for home decor!

  52. Elena

    I would get some craft supplies for my Mom

  53. natalie nichols

    i would buy a picture frame. my son broke one of ours

  54. I might buy scrapbooking supplies. Or, I would give this to my friend who loves to craft.

  55. Renee Richardson

    I would get some candy making supplies from Hobby Lobby. Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  56. I’d buy yarn! Can never have too much of it!

  57. I love the clocks from Hobby Lobby

  58. Sarah

    yarn for sure! I’d love to have some to crochet a new scarf or two!

  59. amy m Welling

    I would buy some craft kits for my kids!

  60. Kylie C

    Right now I’m on a big crocheting kick so I’d buy myself some more yarn to play with!

  61. Allison H

    I would buy some beads and supplies to make jewelry.

  62. Brynn

    some picture frames

  63. Kate F.

    I would buy some puzzles or crafts from Hobby Lobby.

  64. Maureen

    I would get some knitting supplies (Yarn and needles).

  65. Liz

    I would buy yarn for some knitting projects!

  66. jennifer

    scrapbooking supplies to make a book for my sons second birthday in may!

  67. Catie

    I would get some new ribbon!

  68. I need a paper cutter, and if I have any money left over I’d probably buy some scrap booking paper and book boards and maybe some cotton string to bind books with.

  69. This would be awesome to win! I’m going to Joann’s soon to pick up some fabric so I can sew some maternity dresses for these last three months! So much cheaper than buying the ones in stores ($50 for these pants?!) and I’m cheap! Super great way to cut some expense out of it for me. :-)

  70. MelodyJ

    I would get beads.

  71. I would love to buy some great fabric to make a skirt :)

    Take Care and great giveaway!

  72. Elise

    I would make a thoughtful craft for Valentine’s day for my boyfriend with the gift card

  73. Mujercita

    I would get knitting supplies/tools.

  74. Lindsey C.

    I would get some good sewing materials like scissors, a cutting mat, etc.

  75. most likely scrapbook supplies–maybe paper, maybe adhesive! Thanks for the chance kmassman gmail

  76. Macy

    fabric :)

  77. Brandy

    I’d buy fabric.

  78. $25 goes a long way at Hobby Lobby.

    I’d probably buy a cutting board. I’ve been in serious need of one of those for a while.

  79. Tara

    I would buy yarn!

  80. Lydia

    I’d probably stock up on felt for sewing projects!

  81. kim burnett

    I would spend it on beading supplies

  82. Marci

    I would buy more yarn for scarves :)

  83. Rosie

    towards cotton for a comforter cover. My current one is really shot!

  84. i’d get fabric at joann’s

  85. Amanda W

    I would probably buy some yarn.

  86. jessica edwards

    give card as a gift to my best friend

  87. Althea

    I want to use it for my wedding!! :)

  88. Elsie

    I’d buy some festive scrapbook papers that I use for a multitiude of things….

  89. i would buy paint pens and canvases

  90. I would buy some frames to make a collage wall.

  91. Elle

    Some lovely beads to make jewelry with my mom!

  92. I’d buy more basic card supplies. Just those things like cardstock, envelopes and glue cost a bundle if you are on a fixed income!

  93. Laura

    I’d buy supplies to make my own jewelry

  94. I would buy art supplies for my kids.

  95. julie

    my daughter and I love doing crafts. We would probably buy a valentine set of some sort and make gifts:)

    jmatek AT wi DOT rr DOT com

  96. Serena Powell

    I would love to buy some fabric to make a camera bag.

  97. pinky sade

    I would buy fabrics! I love pretty patterned fabrics!

  98. brandy

    I’d like to get some new paint colors

  99. Kim

    a new spring wreath!

  100. Tina K.

    Oh, I would love to win this!

  101. Rosie

    I would time it when there is a great sale on patterns and go crazy!!! I haven’t been able to get to the store and can only shop online, the really good sales on patterns are for in store only. I would rent a mac truck and stock up!!!

  102. Andrea Shipley

    I love hobby lobby

  103. Rebecca

    I would buy crafting supplies from Hobby Lobby… or gifts for people. :D

  104. sandyandcosmo

    I would buy some fabric!

  105. Jaelynn

    I would go to hobby lobby for some home decor! I love that store!

  106. I’d buy card making stuff. :)

  107. Liz

    OMG I would love a gift card! I would buy fabric, fabric and more fabric! I have so many projects that I would like to do, but fabric is so expensive!

  108. Michelle Hudak

    I’d buy some quilting fabric; I want to make a quilt for my son.

  109. Ali

    I’m mid desk up cycle project and my budget is dwindling quickly! I would love to be able to get those finishing touches to make it that much better :)

  110. Yarn! I need more yarn. My fingers are itching to knit!

  111. I would love to get some jewelry-making supplies! :)

  112. I particulary would like the Hobby Lobby one! That is such a nice store!

  113. Helga

    I’d buy some fabrics at either store or some candles at HL

  114. audrey G

    i would get some new things/fabrics to make photo props and backgrounds

  115. Victoria Carlson

    I would buy supplies to finish my wedding scrapbook! :)

  116. terri tillman

    i am on one of my crocheting a lot lately so i would get myself some more yarn.

  117. Alexis

    I’m in love with making books and prints.

    I would use the gift card to buy some beautiful paper and book making supplies.

  118. A dress is what I would make!

  119. I would pick Joann’s and buy my daughter some sewing patterns and supplies. She is eight and has started sewing.

  120. Regina R.

    I’d buy some Valentine’s and St. Paddy’s Day decorations or supplies. ;-)

  121. I would buy fabric!!

  122. stephanie

    I would buy some new frames from hobby lobby!

  123. theresa

    I’d make valentine’s cards.

  124. Megan

    My son just asked me the other day if I could make him different curtains to match his new big boy room. I would buy fabric at Joann’s for his curtains.

  125. Ashley E.

    Fabric for the millions of projects I’m working on.

  126. Dagmara Hawkins

    I would get some fabric in Hobby Lobby

  127. Ashley Simmons

    Thanks for the giveaway! I would buy fabric from Joann’s to make some new curtains for my bedroom (I’m completely re-doing it!).

  128. jennifer Pot

    i would buy some diy invitations!

  129. JenniferB

    Things for sewing-thread, new bobbins ,pins etc.

  130. Hillary D.

    I would buy “ingredients” (foam, wood, fabric, etc.) to finish making my 2 son’s play kitchen for his 2nd birthday!

  131. Carol

    I would buy some supplies to add to the dollhouse I’m building for my niece!

  132. Thank you for this opportunity….my fave store..Im in there for hours! (Hobby Lobby)

  133. Amy Lee

    I’d buy baking supplies!

  134. Fabric from Joann’s

  135. Donna Lindner

    I would buy calico fabric to make my granddaughter a old-fashioned style dress for the summer
    thank you

  136. Emily

    I would buy some jewelry making supplies.

  137. Julia Schemmer

    I’d get some yarn for my momma, who makes the most beautiful crochet creations

  138. Heather!

    I would buy some inks, I think, or maybe some beads or findings!
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  139. Liz Daming

    I’m wanting to make flannel blankets.

  140. amber g

    I am redoing my sitting room for me, me, me! I would buy something for this room!

  141. Christine

    I’d purchase some yarn to make hats & mittens for infants & children to donate!

  142. Debra Hamilton

    I would buy a some crochet thread to make something!

  143. Sonya Kirsch

    If I won your giveaway I would use the gift card I received to pay for a Wilton cake decorating class for my daughter, an aspiring cupcake baker!

    Contact me at stkirsch(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

  144. I am going to finish making my daughter her tent for her room!

  145. Marysa

    Perler bead supplies, my girls have really been into it!

  146. Rusti Michael

    I love planning parties so I would get party supplies and crafts.

  147. Susan Audrey

    I’d put it toward the headboard I want to make for my master bedroom. I need fabric & foam! :)

  148. Lesley M.

    I would buy some craft stuff for my kids!

  149. Kara I.

    Yarn, yarn, and more yarn. Yay yarn.

  150. My daughter has been weaving on a loom lately, so I’d probably pick up some yarn for her!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  151. what a great give away. i’d get a cricut, i think. thanks a lot!!

  152. richelle bowers

    i would buy yarn for my crocheting

  153. Sam Stamp

    I would love to make an apron for myself & buy the stuff I need to make wine glass charms!

  154. Emily

    I’d get yarn for knitting projects. Thanks for the giveaway!

  155. Toni Jones

    Probably some picture frames or something decorative.

  156. I would give this to my daughter for her birthday she makes crafts and sells them!

  157. Mys

    I’d buy craft punchers or paper for my kids’ birthday parties and my scrapping bug.

  158. Pam S

    I definitely buy some fabric to add to a scrap quilt in progress. thanks for the giveaway and for your blog!

  159. Michelle S

    I want to learn to crochet – so probably yarn and a crochet hook.

  160. Hailie J

    Some more wooden blocks and paper to make more puzzles(:

  161. Shelly Hammond

    I would likely buy a book, candle, and a bit of chocolate (which I would share, maybe!).

  162. Tina K.

    Will the winner be posted on the widget?

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