Monday Listicles is bbbbaaaaaccccckkkk!  Of course, that means this is Monday and I hate Mondays.  This week’s topic is 10 Things Every Woman Should Know… which is actually a repost of a previous Listicles for me.  But, it still holds true.  Next week’s topic is 10 Hashtags that Describe You.  Sounds fun.  Definitely, #tired is going to be one!  So, let’s get back into the Listicles…

10 Things Every Woman Should Know | Mini Van Dreams #mondaylisticles

10 Things Every Woman Should Know

  1. How to check her tire pressure and put air in her tires
  2. How to check her oil and antifreeze levels
  3. How to change a flat tire
  4. How to sew, hem, and mend by hand
  5. How to cook one excellent, “special” meal
  6. How to love herself unconditionally
  7. How to dress appropriately – i.e. what business casual, semi-formal, etc means
  8. How to “fake” cooking in a pinch – I can make boxed stuffing taste like homemade
  9. How to change a furnace or air conditioner filter
  10. How to say no

What do you think every woman should know?  Did I leave anything off my list?

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4 Comments on 10 Things Every Woman Should Know | Monday Listicles

  1. This sounds like my in laws wrote it which is a good thing! They raised their daughters and my husband to know all of those and I plan to teach my son and daughter the same thing. Unfortunately, I have no knowledge when it comes to cars but hubby swore to change that.

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