Retro Camper Birthday Card

Retro Camper Birthday Card | Mini Van Dreams

Check out this super cute retro camper birthday card!  A friend of mine at work camps and when I was in search of a birthday card to enter in the fair, I stumbled across a camper card and decided to create something similar.  I have always loved those retro, teal campers so I knew the color scheme would be perfect on the card.  However, choose colors that your recipient loves to make it even more special!   {Read more}

Free Printable Planner Stickers – Griffindor

Free Printable Planner Stickers - Griffindor | Mini Van Dreams

The first day of the new year of Hogwarts is coming up fast!  To celebrate, I created these free printable planner stickers for the Griffindor house!  I wanted a more “professional” looking set, than the other ones I have seen on the internet.  This set is the first of the four houses – just in time for September 1!  Check back next week for Ravenclaw!   {Read more}