Meeting David Hasselhoff

Meeting David Hasselhoff | Mini Van Dreams

Did I ever tell you about meeting David Hasselhoff?  Every year, when the Indianapolis 500 comes around, I always chuckle to myself.  That’s where I met David Hasselhoff.  A chance meeting.  I was one of many females clamoring for attention.  However, what happened caused him to single me out of the crowd, say hi and shake my hand…  And years later, still gives my family fodder to make fun of me. {Read more}

Wednesday Hodgepodge Vol. 308

Wednesday Hodgepodge Vol. 308 | Mini Van Dreams

Happy Wednesday!  I am working a short week this week – I took Friday off to make it a long weekend.  I can’t wait.  My BFF and I have plans for Friday.  Since it is Wednesday, it is time for that fun, random question blog hop that Joyce hosts for us each week.  Hop over and grab the Wednesday Hodgepodge questions, answer them and link up tomorrow!  Easy as pie!     {Read more}

Taco Spaghetti

Taco Spaghetti | Mini Van Dreams

It’s Taco Tuesday today but if you are tired of tacos, then check out our easy Taco Spaghetti for a fun twist.  This recipe combines normal taco flavors with the spaghetti that creates an amazing flavor – no shells required.  If you would like a bit more kick, add some jalapenos and a couple dashes of hot sauce.   Feel free to finish the dish off with a dollop of sour cream or any other taco toppings you like! {Read more}

Thanks a Million Appreciation Gift

Thanks a Million Appreciation Gift | Mini Van Dreams

We all have someone in our lives we appreciate – whether they have done something special or are always there when we need them.  Think teachers, co-workers, clergy, nurses, doctors… the list is endless.  To show your appreciation, give them our Thanks a Million Appreciation Gift!  It is simple to make, works for men and women, and can be made for less than $7!  You don’t even have to buy a card… we have a bonus free printable you can use!     {Read more}